Baylor Basketball Lasers

To assist in celebrating the Grand Opening of the Foster Pavilion, Baylor University worked with Laser Spectacles to project huge images in support of the first basketball game held in the Pavilion.

We projected the images upon the two walls of the Clifton Robinson Tower that faced the highway, so that anyone in the vicinity could share in the fun! We set up all of the equipment on the night before, and were ready to go as soon as it gat dark.

Baylor Basketball Lasers
Baylor Basketball Lasers
Baylor Basketball Lasers

There was rain in the forecast and we were ready for it; we were able to continue the laser projection unabated while it was raining.

Baylor Basketball Texas Lasers
Baylor Basketball Lasers
It rained sometimes…
Baylor Basketball Lasers

Here is a video of some of the lasers:

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