Panoila College Laser Show Venue

It was a huge honor for Laser Spectacles to be selected to provide the finale for the Panola College 75th Anniversary Celebration. I had seen pictures of the venue – the Student Center – but when I got there, I realized that this show could really be something special! And I really looked forward to working with their horse logo and symbols…

I found that we would have walls to work with as screens, as well as laser mapping opportunities; it was a very wide setup. I proceeded to program the show in that manner, with three graphics projectors and six beam projectors to make for an overwhelming experience. Click on a picture to see it larger –

Laser Lumia projected on center screen
Laser Lumia on center screen
Panola College center screen
Panola College center laser screen
Panola College laser show
Graphics Screens Left and Center

The laser beam show was perfectly situated for this crowd, on a large flat lawn with trees to the rear. No matter how big the crowd was, the further away from the buildings a person was, the beam show just kept getting larger and better!

Panola College laser beams
Panola College laser show
Panola College laser show
Laser Show – screens + beams
Panola College Laser Show picture
Beam show for patriotic theme
Panola College laser show beams
The view from the rear of the venue

Everyone on the Panola College staff was most helpful and gracious during the planning and execution of this laser show; we were there starting our setup three days ahead of time. We worked together to incorporate key moments in Panola College history into the show. It was gratifying to hear the crowd response during the show; I’m sure that this is one Texas Laser Show that will be remembered for a long time!

Panola College 75th laser show
75 Years – Panola College!
Panola College 75
Lasers write the big 75!
Panola College horse logo
Panola College Horse Logo

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