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Laser Show

LASER SPECTACLES, INC. is a Texas Laser Light entertainment production company specializing in producing laser shows, and designing and installing laser show related projects. Sound and light are merged to produce stunning effects.

Laser Spectacles, Inc. focuses on producing creative and unusual laser shows for a variety of markets, including festivals, fairs, meetings, art events, parties, sporting events – anywhere large groups of people gather to celebrate!

Welcome to our website! We have posted general information about laser shows under “Resources”, and details of our recent shows under the post categories at right, and in our Galleries.


News Flash!

Laser Show AwardsLaser Spectacles President Tim Walsh won the Laser Jockey competition at the ILDA Conference in Aalen, Germany on Nov. 4, 2013.  The competition was a live laser performance at the ILDA LaseOff, held at conference host LOBO’s spacious studio, and voted upon by ILDA members attending the event.   Tim also received an Outstanding Service Recognition Award from ILDA honoring his volunteer efforts for the organization over the years.

Laser Spectacles has applied for, and received the designation as an ILDA Accredited Professional Lasershow Company,  as of Sept. 9, 2010 at the annual ILDA Conference.  We are one of the first two companies to receive this under the brand new IAPLC program.

Laser Spectacles is a founding member of ILDA, and proud to display this award!

Here is a video from the Sun City Music Festival 2013: