Laser San AntonioOnce again Urban 15 and Laser Spectacles took command of the Lila Cockrell Theater in the newly renovated San Antonio Convention Center for two days of laser light shows performed for thousands of school children.

We set up a total of 13 lasers and carefully positioned the beam effects between the balconies.

We created many new abstract effects for the high points of the laser show, so in this post we will explore the pictures of those effects.

Laser Beams

Laser Christmas Bells

Laser Dimaonds 2

Laser Diamonds 2!

Laser Mandala

Into the Mandala section







The Lila Cockrell Theater is a wonderful place for lasers, it gets perfectly dark.  When filled with children primed to see a laser show, the atmosphere is electric – they are waiting for the lights out and the laser party to begin!

Laser lumia with Beams

Lumia with Beams

Laser Beams

Expanding Circles

Laser Abstract

Sheets over Abstract







Laser Mandala Beams

Fans move below Mandala

laser Show

Crazy Lasers

Lasers Backstage

Laserist’s View of the Laser Show!







Laser Dots

Laser Dots

Laser Diamonds

Laser Diamonds

Laser Sweep

Beams sweep over Graphic

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