LasersGreenBlueLaser Spectacles was contacted by Northplace Church around one week ahead of time, when it looked as if the normal fireworks shows was cancelled.  On short notice, we put together a great laser show from our library, of pop tunes, Star Wars tunes, and a spiritual finale “New Doxology”.

The main church building had a nice place to set up the laser show, projecting laser graphics across a shallow corner of the building in between the windows, that created a natural “theater” for many people to stand and watch the laser show.

This was a well planned event with everyone parking remotely and arriving on buses.  The parking lots were full of activities for the family, booths, and plenty of really great food trucks.








As it turned out, the fireworks show was able to go off, so they went first, and then we projected our laser show on the church; the corner spot that just held the haze in place for the laser show perfectly!  We had many “oohs and ahhs” for the beam effects in this laser show.


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