LocationShotThis was a community event held on a Sunday evening at the Student Activity Center. The event featured food (some of the best tortilla soup and grilled cheese sandwiches ever!) and appearances from a variety of entertainers for the kids and to raise money for charitable organizations. Laser Spectacles provided the grand finale laser show featuring Christmas music.

The Quad has a variety of buildings surrounding it, and one in particular was well placed and suited for the size of this event.  It was the Cooper Lecture Hall, which provided an expanse of white limestone perfect for a laser projection screen.  We set up the show around this building so that the audience could walk a few steps out from the SAC and be in the perfect position to watch the show.

Laser Santa Mambo

Santa does the Mambo

Laser Show

The snowman can play guitar

Laser Feliz

Feliz Navidad!


Laser Falcon

Lasers frame the UTPB Falcon!


The UTPB logo in laser light

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