Welcome to Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Galveston!  We did not know what to expect, having never been to this event.  We drove in early on Friday Feb. 10, and went straight to our stage at 21st and Strand, the Jagermeister Dubstep Stage.  Jagermeister sponsors a traveling stage complete with sound and lights;  it is a great package and a nice promotion for them!

Laser Sponsor

One of the sponsors...

It had clearly been raining;  there were big puddles everywhere.  We did our best to get things set up working around the stage crew unpacking and setting up the stage.  We came back that night and did a quick alignment so that we could check how it was going to look for the big show expected tomorrow.  It looked good!  The parking lot was very dark, and a good fit for the lasers, with a big wall where we could project the sponsor logos.

Laser Beams

The bright lights of Jagermeister

Laser show magenta

Magenta beams

Laser Show

Gold and Blue for Mardi Gras

We identified some large blinding security lights that made the laser show invisible from some angles, and the Mardi Gras organizers obligingly turned them off when they could, putting our show in a more dark place where it looked better.

Laser Beams

Good Green Beams

Laser Beams

There were dancers....

We had such a successful show that we were invited back the next weekend, and did the same setup (pretty much!) only better, and there were even bigger crowds for the final weekend.

When we headed out the next day, we were able to stop by and see the beginning of the Barkus parade, featuring dogs and their owners in full Mardi Gras regalia and costumes.

Laser Show

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