Laser Lunchroom

Laser Lunch Room

We were contacted last year about providing a laser presentation for the Main Event at Bridge Point Elementary’s annual Science Day on January 28, 2011. We checked out the room proposed for the show the week before; it was a multi purpose auditorium, also used daily for the school lunch room. It looked perfect for a laser show! The sound system was actually quite good for a room like this.

The plan was for us to come in at 6 AM and be set up for the first of four shows at 8:45 AM. In the meantime, the students would be outside to see their principal fly in on a helicopter to kick off Science Day! Click on an image to see it larger –

Laser Psychedelic

Crazy Lasers

Lasers and Kids

Lasers and students

Laser Paw

Bridge Point Mascot Symbol

We began each show with a short demonstration of reflection, and how you cannot see light until it reflects off of something. We then presented our short production of “How A Laser Show Works” in laser light, and then proceeded to bring the house down for the next 25 minutes with pop and patriotic hits.

Laser BPE

Science Day at BPE

The New Year

It's 2011!

Bridge Point Name

Where are we?

This morning was a magnificent morning for lasers! We ended each show with a world premiere performance on pennywhistle by Tim Walsh, to the accompaniment of the sights and sounds of the lasers. Stay tuned…..

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