Laser Shows


Laser Spectacles, Inc. focuses on producing creative and unusual laser shows for a variety of markets, including festivals, fairs, meetings, art events, parties, sporting events – anywhere large groups of people gather to celebrate!

We accomplish these displays by using the full range of laser show effects whenever possible; these effects are:

laser projection on Hilton hotel

Graphics on a building


– are projected onto a building or screen, or anything that can form an image ( we have even used large trees!) The laser graphics projector can be located up to 100 yards away, and still make a nice crisp image.  The graphics screen provides a point of focus for the laser show audience, and we build the rest of the laser show around the fact that the audiences eyes will be looking in this direction.

laser show beam grid over an audience

Laser beams over the audience

Beams and Aerials

– are laser beams projected through theatrical fog for an infinite variety of spellbinding patterns. Complex shapes like moving waves and fans are popular in our laser shows and always timed to go with the music.  For most audiences, the laser beams and aerial effects are the most breathtaking part of the laser show.

laser show diffraction pattern projected on a screen

Lasers through diffraction gratings

Diffraction Gratings

– are pieces of special glass using calculated refraction used to create multiple beam patterns that we use in our laser shows.  Diffraction gratings multiply a beam passed through them into many, many beams.  When mounted on motors turning very slowly the patterns morph over time in an interesting way.  They are also used as mirrors to create multiple beam patterns in the air, multiplying the number and complexity of laser beams in the laser show.

laser lumia picture on a cave wall

Lasers through a hobnail glass

Lumia Effects

– are “Outer Space” laser effects projected onto walls or screens. By using slowly rotating clear glass and plastic to modulate the laser beam, Laser Spectacles can create fantastic out-of-this-world imagery giving a special depth to the laser show.  Laser Spectacles has created and sells a special laser projector for these effects – The Laser Galaxy Lumia Projector.

Laser Harp picture

Performing on the Laser Harp

Laser Harp

– is making music with lasers used for strings.  Lasers can be a musical instrument! When the performer passes their hand through the laser strings and breaks the beam, a note or pattern is sounded.

Laser show saxophone performance picture

Sax piece for laser accompaniment

Live Music

– uses a live laser show to accompany the live musical performance.  The lasers are controlled just like a musical instrument to create a responsive laser show to accompany the music.   Tim Walsh has also composed music for sax and accordion for his live performance performances.

laser show oscilloscope

This is what the sound looks like!

Laser Music

– uses lasers signals to create the audio.  The lasers are programmed to create a sonic and visual synaesthesia in which the audience hears exactly what it is seeing, creating a laser show of unprecedented power.

Proof of Laser Spectacles’ artistry can be found in our list of satisfied clients, our Awards garnered over the past 15 years, in our Gallery, and in our videos posted online.

For information about presenting a laser show, including pricing guidelines, go to our Laser Show details page.

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