The Laser-Galaxy laser lumia projector is designed to explore “old-school” optical laser effects. When many people first got their hands on a laser in the 70’s, one of the first things they did was to shine it through pieces of clear, rippled, glass on to a wall or ceiling. The effect was great!
Many early laser shows, especially the popular Laserium planetarium shows, had whole banks of these types of effects, and used them extensively throught their shows. In the last decade, however, more exploration and work has been concentrated upon precisely computer controlled graphics and scanned beam effects through smoke.

laser show lumia picture

Lasers in a cave

laser show lumia picture

Lumia Swirl

Laser show Lumia picture

Laser Lumia

Pictures of the Laser Galaxy Lumia Projector:

laser show lumia optics picture

Creative optical devices

laser lumia projector

Small and concise

lasers in lumia projector

Red, Green, and Blue

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