Laser Spectacles Inc. 2023 – Three First Place ILDA Awards

I am happy to announce that Laser Spectacles received three First Place ILDA Awards!

Laser on Multiple Projectors

With some possibilities of super wide screen laser projections coming up this year, I want to master the art of combining multiple laser projectors into one super wide screen laser projection with less flicker as an added benefit. I started by setting up three test patterns side by side.             […]

Laser Shows on Buildings – Good Idea!

When we look at a site for the first time, we are always keeping an eye open for what buildings are in the area.

Buildings can be the most stable and reliable laser screens, and often have a historical connection with the community that adds an extra dimension to the laser show. Plus, lasers can project very, very large, and we are looking for something to showcase that impressive ability – often the right building will add a substantial WOW factor to the laser show. And that is something that everyone is looking for!

Text to Laser at SXSW for HeyWire March 13, 2011

We were contacted by HeyWire, a company from Boston that produces free world wide text messaging, to add lasers to an event they were hosting at SXSW (South by Southwest music convention) in Austin, TX. We projected live text messages, logos, and lasers at a party inside on 6th Street March 13, 2011.

The WEBB Party: “Supernova”; San Antonio Fiesta, April 8, 2011

Laser Spectacles, Inc. will be having a blast at the WEBB Party this year. It’s to be held at historic Sunset Station in downtown San Antonio; the theme is futuristic glam; and we will be using lasers to bring the party into the future. After all, it’s the 21st century, and we were promised that lasers would be all over the place, right?

Laser Spectacles achieves “ILDA Professional” status

Laser Spectacles, Inc. applied for and achieved recognition last September as an ILDA Accredited Professional Lasershow Company. ILDA (the International Laser Display Association) developed this program as a way for member companies to distinguish themselves professionally.

ILDA Cruise Conference 2010

The International Laser Display Association cruised out of Miami Sept. 6-11 on the Carnival Destiny – here is what took place.

Lasers on a Water Tower

Laser Spectacles has had several calls over the years for projecting lasers onto water towers (community water storage tanks). These are large, tall, and usually painted white, forming a great projection surface for laser light shows. We have even used them for our main projection surface at some shows. We decided to bring a three […]

I Love Lumia

Lumia is the feminine side of laser display. For too long we laserists have been in the thrall of hard edged beam shows. Let’s try to give equal time to the images from the dark – lumia.

Hello world!

Time to sit down on a rainy day and get crackin’.  This is where we discuss the ins and outs of laser shows.