Lasers for Meetings and Banquets
Laser Spectacles has performed many shows at meetings and banquets around the country.  These are often held in hotel ballrooms, and our shows must be adapted to the “set” that our clients have created for their event.

Laser show writing in Texas

Special welcome greeting

Laser show rehearsal picture

At rehearsal

picture showing man inside a Laser Cone

the Laser Cone Effect

We are always looking for screens to project laser graphics upon, because everyone has logos and messages to communicate. In some cases, a white backdrop is used as a screen; in other cases, installed video screens are used for laser graphics. Laser graphics can be bigger than most video screens, so often we project directly onto the walls of a ballroom.

Laser graphics prjected on to a mural

Lasers on a mural

Laser Screen

Another Mural….

Laser Salute projected upon a mural

…used as a screen here

Laser graphics and beam projection

Mural as screen with beams

picture of lasers on stage

Lasers can take over the stage

laser show projection through fabric

Or create wispy effects overhead


Magical Laser Graphics

It is even possible, for a really magical effect, to project on to a curtain of falling water; a “water screen”. The water sparkles as it passes through the laser graphics, giving the images an other worldly quality, but enabling enough detail to communicate messages.

picture of laser words on a water screen

Laser words on a water screen

Laser beams around water screen

Lasers beam around the water screen

Laser Show with a Band

Lasers go well with a band, any band

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