Interactive Laser Fun

Interactive Laser Fun

For Luna Fete 2019 in New Orleans, I committed to creating an interactive laser installation using an Xbox Kinect to supply real-time data and draw images of the people interacting together in the Play Space. I chose to work within the program TouchDesigner because it gave me full access to the data that I wanted to create the installation. To start, I learned how to program one person projected upon the screen, the first was an outline trace, and the second was a stick figure using all of the joint position data coming in from the Kinect. See the results in the two videos below:

Here is a video showing the “outline trace” version (you can see my hands going by the camera):

Here is a video showing the “stick figure” version:

The positioning of this installation is important – I’m looking for a screen or wall to project the images upon, and also – there is a laser “beam” element going the other direction, and controlled by the player’s hands. the laser beams take the form of two small comes, projecting over the player’s head and the audience watching from behind them. These laser beams need to end (or be “terminated”) upon something or they go out into airspace and possibly strike an aircraft.

In New Orleans, we had a large wall 120 feet behind the play area! So it worked out well. Here are some photos of the action:

Kinect Laser
Learning to Fly
Laser Kinect
The Stick Figure with Beams
Kinect Laser
Laser People
Laser Kinect
Get your hands up!

Here are some video clips of the fun that people were having!

Here is a map of the performance area, showing where the equipment and play area was set up in relation to the walls:

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