Intriguing architecture, perfect October weather, and Beatles music – this was an evening to remember!

When the North Richland Hills Parks and Recreation Department contacted me about doing a show here, I did not see an opportunity to use the building itself as a projection screen.  I began making plans to set up a normal projection screen hung from the building itself, or from a boom lift.

Once arriving for the site check (months ahead of the show date) I began applying my imagination to this wonderful and unusual building, and we decided to go for a “laser mapping” show with no additional screens.

Dynamic Laser Mapping

Laser Columns

Dynamic Laser Mapping

Laser Squiggles








The building itself gave many opportunities to trace the fundamental architecture and make fantastic shapes from that alone.  I found opportunities to run text messages along the top and middle horizontal structures, and also made several “mini-screens” from the spaces in between the structural components of the building.  Sarah Green of the NRH staff is an accomplished artist, and produced several sketches of Beatles’ faces that I was able to use in the show.

Dynamic Laser Mapping

Building Outline








This was a live laser production – nothing was programmed before to the music other than preparing the laser mapping and the special images and text for this show.  Music was live also – provided by The Eggmen from Austin, TX.

Here is a short video of some of my favorite parts of this show:

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