LaserSixFlagsLogo1Laser Spectacles traveled to Arlington, Texas for the second year in a row to provide the “Coca Cola July 4th Fest” lasers. The show was scheduled for three nights in the Music Mill Amphitheater this year.
We were excited to be in such a great venue, especially because it has an extensive truss system that extends out into the audience left over from a previous production. We could hang mirrors on this truss in order to create a more complex laser beam show than normal.

Laser show Iwo Jima

The laser flag was popular!

Laser flag wave

The audience was cheering!

Laser USA flag

Laser USA flag animation







After a couple of days of setup, (and climbing around on truss hanging mirrors) the show was ready.  We did three nights under beautiful skies, and perfect breezes to fill the amphitheater with haze so that we could all see the laser beams perfectly.

Laser Show

Look at the laser cones

Laser Beams

Laser Beams Rock Out

Laser and Fireworks

Wonderful with Fireworks







With our friends from Pyrotex providing the pyro, it was a true multimedia spectacle that had everyone going home happy and feeling patriotic.


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