Owen Interior

Yes, a big screen rolls down!

Laser Spectacles has teamed up with the Historic Owen Theater in downtown Branson, Missouri to open the first ever public laser shows in Branson.  We have installed a state of the art laser recording and playback system with all the bells and whistles – full RGB graphics, four RGB beam projectors, a Laser Galaxy lumia projector, two auxiliary laser diffraction effects projectors, and a Blisslights laser starfield projector.

Three shows are currently running – Laser Rock, Laser Country, and Laser Floyd – the Dark Side of the Moon.  The Floyd shows run every Friday and Saturday nights at 10 PM;  the other shows are spread out amongst this theater’s moveable feast of incredible shows.  Contact the Owen Theater at 417-464-8497 if you are in the area and would like to see a show!

205 South Commercial St. Branson MO 65616

Historic Owen Theater, 205 South Commercial St., Branson, MO 65616


Laser cathedral

A laser cathedral

Laser Show

Beams lead into spiral

Laser Show

Four RGB lasers fill the space

The interesting thing about this theater is that it is the first theater built in Branson, the one where the legendary Branson entertainment industry began! Jim Owen, the man who put Branson on the map, built the theater so that his river recreation patrons could have something to do at night, way back in 1936. The theater itself is a little gem seating 250 or so, built out of local stone. The laser effects sliding across the stone interior walls is worth the trip….

Laser Abstract

Laser Abstracts Are Great

Laser Show

Old School Lissajous

Laser Pig

It’s Floyd – there’s gotta be a pig…

Plans include opening a new show called “Laser Worship” for Sundays starting in August, 2014, so keep Branson in mind for your laser travels!

Blue lasers

Dramatic blues

Laser Show

Enter the laser hallway…

Laser Show

Laser Bank for Money

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