Laser Spectacles spent an enchanting weekend performing at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Stafford, Texas (just SW of Houston) for the Indian New Year celebration. The manir crew outdid itself, arranging for audio, video, liver performance on four stages, narration, history, and a grand fireworks/laser finale!

The manir itself is a holy place.  Shoes are removed before entering, and services are performed throughout the day.   The manir is fashioned from Turkish limestone and Italian marble , hand carved in India and then transported here to be assembled with no mortar upon a foundation sunk deep into the ground.  It is meant to last hundreds of years, and maintenance is performed constantly.

To make it more fantastic, lighting is provided by a network of Lumenyte fiber optic cable spread throughout the manir in tiny tunnels drilled into the stone.  There are over fifty fiber illuminators on the roof of the manir.

Laser photos credit: Stone Cannizzaro – thanks, Stone, for the great photos and video!

BAPS Manir

Morning sun on the manir


Testing the lasers

Laser Temple

Lasers Dance

We were given a detailed soundtrack with timings for the entire hour and ten minute show.  We were able to carefully choreograph the lasers to some wonderful music.

Laser Fireworks

A great combination

Laser Temple

Fireworks smoke – the best

Laser Temple

Crossed green and gold

While we had a last minute rain scare, the weather turned out to be perfect for a great laser show.  The wind drifted the smoke slowly through the laser beams, and the fireworks were non stop for the final ten minutes of the show, adding great smoke and mayhem for the lasers!

Laser Fireworks

’twas a good night for color

Laser Blue

Laser Blue Beams

Laser Temple

Last cue!

Here is the first video from this show:

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