Concerts in the Garden Fort Worth SymphonyIt was great to be back in this magical location for laser shows – the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth.   This venue has the symphony onstage at one end of a long lawn surrounded by huge trees. We worked with Atlas Enterprises fireworks with only five days advance notice to get this show done.

This was the Fort Worth Pops playing an evening of music from movies and other favorites.  Our section was the last section, featuring Mars and Jupiter from the Planets by Gustav Holst, and a selection of music from the Star Wars movies composed by John Williams.  We performed lasers for 42 minutes, all under live control!  It’s a good thing that we are always working on our live control programs and “chops”!


Laser Show

It was a great night for lasers!

Laser Red

We had all of the colors!


Beams out over the crowd

We surrounded the stage with seven beam lasers, to make the best effects over the crowd, and to get the beams all the way to the back of the audience. We put a lot of effort into the haze coverage to make the beam show as bright and colorful as possible, placing a total of six smoke machines around the venue.  Atlas came in with the fireworks for the end of the show and the place blew up with lasers and fireworks simultaneously!

Laser Sheets

Softer music gets softer lasers

Laser Fans

Laser Fans with the Symphony

Lasers Symphony

The smoke was hanging well!








All in all, it was a great night for lasers, and we hope to be out there again next year – my idea is to get one of the tables out in the crowd and control the laser show wirelessly from there, while having a little party! Hope to see you there –

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