Patriotic Laser Shows

Laser Flag Wave

Laser Flag over audience

Patriotic laser shows are a big part of Laser Spectacles production schedule.  National holidays such as Independence Day and Memorial Day bring together large groups of people to celebrate and remember our nation’s history.

Other events throughout the year often include a laser patriotic salute as part of their event; for example, we have often brought patriotic laser shows to the following organizations and events:

VFW organizations
Chamber of Commerce events
Corporate meetings
Political rallies and events

What these events have in common is a desire to share in the pride that we have in our outstanding nation, and to give thanks for all of our blessings.

Laser Eagle standing

The Laser Eagle Supreme

Laser Picture

A family tradition

When we are able to create our full laser show, including a screen and overhead beam effects, the experience can be quite overwhelming!  The laser show runs through a variety of patriotic feelings.  Our shows always include flags waving, eagles flying, and key USA points such as the Statue of Liberty.  We recognize our veterans by drawing the logo of each branch of the Armed Forces, and even include the words from the Declaration of Independence.

Laser Logo

Logo for Junction City, MO

Laser Iwo Jima

Our US Marines Corp

The laser show can include the sponsors and event logos in laser light as part of the show, to add value to their sponsorships and to help the audience identify and remember the event.

We always bring to life the American flag – lasers can create the “stars and stripes” effect waving above the entire audience, creating a real “wow!” moment for every one to share together.

Laser Flag 1812

The Flag was still there….

Here is a partial listing of songs used in our patriotic laser shows:

God Bless the USA
Olympic Spirit
Star Spangled Banner
R.O.C.K. in the USA
Where the Stars, Stripes, and Eagle Fly
America the Beautiful
We Can Still Rock in America
Medal of Honor

Laser Firemen

Transfixus sed non mortuus!

Simple Gifts
That’s Freedom
Only in America
Days of America

Contact us now at to find out how a patriotic laser show from Laser Spectacles can fit into your event.

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