Laser Beams Dance

Laser Beams Dance

We headed back to McAllen this time with a brand new thirty minute laser show ready to go!  The weather was perfect, and the people friendly.  The City of McAllen decided to move the laser show in the overall program, to 11:28 PM, 32 minutes before midnight, and we would do a countdown into the New Year of 2012!

They got the ball in place before the show using the huge crane.  The stage went up the night before, and we were able to get all of the lasers up and focused for the show.  We had people there at 5 PM staking out their spots in Beaumont Street, which went back for about 1/2 mile at least!

Well, it was so crowded, we were only able to run out and see a smidge of the laser show and grab some pictures and video.  Here you are!


Laser Show Close

Laser Dancers

Blue Laser Show

Like the blue beams

Green Laser Show

Like Green Beams, too!

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