Laser Dream big

Theme for the show

Laser Spectacles, Inc. has performed many times for the Texas School for the Deaf over the years, especially at the Christmas holiday farewell party.  This show was for another of those, but with a twist – the theme for the party was “Dream Big!  We tried to inspire the staff and students as they left for the holiday break by incorporating the theme and ideas of the TSD staff and leadership.

This show was held in the TSD Auditorium, seating up to 1100.  We used the ceiling as a projection area for abstract lumia and grating effects, and the house screen on stage for the RGB graphics.  One RGB laser beam projector was placed in the center of the stage, with mirrors on each side.

Laser Ceiling

The laser ceiling

Laser Farewell

Laser Farewell - end of show!

Laser Composition

Abstract Combo

The show was exciting – we played back the soundtrack at a big volume so that the deaf could feel the pulse. We highlighted some significant events during the year – such as the school’s Zealous Studio reaching out and communicating with the astronauts on the space station!

Laser Astronaut

Zealous Studio to space...

Laser Big

Laser says "Dream Big!"

Laser Dream Big

Dream Big, Texas School for the Deaf!

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