Spellcaster LodgeWe have been running into the band “Quintron and Miss Pussycat” in New Orleans since around 1998, but lost touch after Hurricane Katrina.  When we ran into each other in September at Nocturnal in Texas, and then at the Voodoo Experience Oct. 29, I took it as a sign, and set up some lasers at Q and P’s “Spellcaster Lodge” for their performance in their own basement at the end of their European Tour.

This is not your normal band, and this was not to be your normal laser show!  Quintron is a one man band on organ, percussion, and his invention the “Drum Buddy”.  Miss Pussycat rounds out the sound with her vocals and maracas, and her puppet shows.

laser spellcaster

What you saw upon entering

Laser Quintron

Mr. Quintron gets down

Laser Quintron

Quintron and lasers

The band before was “Eye Hate God” a metal band that packed them in and the place was hot and sweaty.  It was no different for Q & P, the crowd was jumping with their infectious swamp beat.

Laser Crowd

Laser Ceiling

Laser Elizabeth

Q & P had help

We used a Blisslights starfield projector, and a Laser Galaxy Lumia Projector to create the laser effects.  The stage was always moving with the beat, so the lasers had a natural sync with the music!

I made a panorama picture of the club after the shows were done, click on it to see the full shot:

Panorama shot after show

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