voodoologoLaser Spectacles, Inc. was back at the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans Oct. 29-31, 2010!

We had multiple lasers set up around “Le Ritual”, the main performance area, where we performed our lasers over a huge audience along with music from Metric, Weezer, Drake, The Street Sweeper Social Club, Ozzy Osbourne, and My Morning Jacket.  We also had lasers inside the big saddle span tent dance music area “Le Plur”, performing with Crookers, Hot Chip, The Crystal Method, and Paul Van Dyk.  The weather was absolutely perfect, with just enough wind after dark to push the laser smoke through the performance areas.

Le Ritual lasers

Lasers were spread...

Le Ritual lasers

around an area the size

Le Ritual

of a football field!

At the “Le Plur”, an awesome array of lights, video, sound, and lasers awaited the touch of the master musicians, and the throngs of delighted dancers.  It turned out that Voodoo had not had a dance area since 2004, the last time that we had lasered at the festival (pre-Katrina).  The new “Le Plur” garnered a lot of attention because of that, and the crowds were constantly huge here.

Le Plur lasers

Everyone likes red lasers

Le Plur lasers

Laser X

Le Plur lasers

Sliced beams

It was quite the fun show.  We used wireless ethernet to link all of our lasers at Le Ritual to the command post up in the VIP section, and it worked painlessly.  We could project laser VOODOO on to the old oak trees!  The weather was so nice no one broke a sweat during setup.  And New Orleans during Halloween weekend is like being transported to Halloween Headquarters!

Laser On Trees

VOODOO on the trees


VOODOO over Ozzy Osborne!

There were so many and varied people attending this festival, and five stages going from noon – 11 PM each day, for three full days; it is hard to imagine taking it all in. Here’s a panorama I made of the Le Ritual main performance stage area, click on it to see larger:

VOODOO Le Ritual panorama

That’s about all we can say for now, but here are some pictures from Voodoo Experiences of the past:

Voodoo Wave

Green waves over Voodoo


Free Bass Society

Lasers Dance

In the dance hall

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