Laser Spectacles attended a meeting of LACCE – the Louisiana Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives – in Ruston, LA on August 26 & 27, 2010. We did a small demo show in one of the rooms in the new Lincoln Parish Conference Center.

Laser Room

Our little room


LACCE logo in laser

Laser Santa

We did a Santa show to cool everyone off

Scrolling Text Demonstration:

At one point in the show we scrolled the name of the organization across the screen, since it is too long to be shown all at once with the laser:

Laser Scroos 1

The start of the scrolling text

Laser Scroll 2

...the second of the scrolling text...

Laser Scroll 3

...the third of the scrolling text

Laser Scroll 4

...the final scrolling text

The Lincoln Parish Conference Center was a great new venue for this meeting. I think that this conference was the first event in the center! It was a beautiful space, very accessible to downtown and the local businesses, and enjoyed by all. The conference had great food, really great speakers, and was a great networking opportunity.


The main meeting room

Main Exhibition Hall

Main Exhibition Hall (used for banquet)

Small Exhibition hall

Small Exhibition Hall

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