I got a call last week for a laser birthday party. This doesn’t happen too often, and the potential price put them off, I think, they did not call back. So I thinks to myself, what about developing a lower priced, safe, spectacular birthday party package? What do you think, about $500 + transportation as needed?  Oooops…. ran the numbers, it will not work.   Has to be at least $1500.

What birthday parties has Laser Spectacles done?

Happy Birthday Windsor

Required laser message...

One that would be and example of the $500 show, would be the one that I did for my godson Windsor last year. We used a 500 mW graphics projector, and a 500 mW beam projector (with special deep purple color) I prepared a list of showcase pieces that we could perform beforehand, set up a sound system, and we had a blast!

Press the smoke button

More smoke, Windsor!

I forgot to mention the fog machine – one of the best parts of the show, and necessary to see the laser beams! It was a little bit windy that evening, so the wind tended to blow the smoke out through and beyond the laser beams. We had to push the smoke button a lot to keep the show looking good! Kids love smoke machines, and it is a great honor for the birthday boy to control the button for the laser show.

Happy Birthday

Laser Happy Birthday

Birthday Show Pic

Birthday Laser Pic

Another unique birthday party that we did was a surprise laser and fireworks show on the Lexington aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi, TX. The ship is available for special events, and our client rented out the whole second deck for the party, celebrating the 85th birthday of a local man. We used two green lasers for this show; it was a bit of work the night before to get everything set up. These pictures were taken from the command control center in the balcony – only authorized personnel allowed! You can see the audience sitting on the floor below in front of the stage. We were able to project directly onto the huge American flag behind the stage.

One of the nicest birthday parties that we have done was for the 50th celebration for Shawn Ash, a native San Martian and member of the locally revered Ash Brothers Band. He set up a big stage for his party at the bottom of a long hill in his backyard, and we were able to set two lasers on either side of the stage to perform with the band’s music, and another laser on his patio projecting graphics onto the wall of his house. It was a great backyard laser show! Click here to see our post about Shawn Ash’s birthday party.

Birthday Laser

Remember it's his fiftieth

Laser Tree

Lasers in the backyard

Laser Ash Brothers

Ash Brothers Laser Show

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