The “Holiday Laser Show” in San Antonio is produced by Urban-15, for the benefit of thousands of schoolchildren who are bused in to see the show.

Laser Spectacles was back at Urban-15 December 7 – 11, 2010, performing spectacular holiday shows for the children. Public shows were at 7 PM on Dec. 9, 10, and 11, with an added matinee for Dec. 11!

Laser Elf

The Happy Elf!

Laser Elves

Elves at work

Laser Lumia

Lumia for the show

We worked hard this year, and brought in our favorite collaborator Rico Morales to create some new artwork. Using the Lasergraph DSP laser show supercomputer, we were able to find new approaches to creating characters that lived in true 3D space. Here is a sequence showing the 3D wooden soldier creating a 3D Christmas Star with his hands:

Laser Soldier 1

The soldier moves...

Laser Soldier 2

raises his hands...

Laser Soldier 3

and the star is created.

Rico used images of Mary and Baby Jesus to create a storyline for “Soulful Christmas”, and created an environment of love for the holidays:

Laser Mary

Mary Love

Laser Manger

The laser manger scene

Laser Horns

the horns were a-blowin'

Of course, we set up mirrors and extra laser projectors around the room to get the full, immersive laser show effect. Here are some pictures of the entire combination:

Laser Colors

Laser Colors

Laser Fan

Laser Fan and Beams

Laser Gratings

A forest of beams!

Previous  year’s shows: From Dec. 8-11, 2009 at the Urban-15 HQ on South Presa in downtown San Antonio, we performed for and educated the kids three times daily.  On Friday and Saturday, we performed evening shows open to the public.

Laser holiday

Show Opener

laser frosty

Frosty the Laser Man

laser santa

Santa Laser Beams

We used all air cooled lasers – an RGB for screen graphics and mirror bounces, RGB and an RGY beam projectors flanking the screen, and a green beam projector below the screen. Also added were a Blisslights DMX star projector from the rear of the room, and a Laser Galaxy Lumia Projector next to the graphics projector. This room is the sanctuary of a church so there is an audience barrier that serves to hide the graphics and lumia projectors.


Great lasers


in a small room


are heaven for the holidays!

The lasers bring catchy holiday songs to life, as we visit all of the famous holiday characters – Santa, Rudolf, Frosty, the famous Hippo song, and many more that kids of all ages love.


Frosty with the band

Laser Xmas Tree

The dancing Xmas tree

Laser Baby Hippo

The laser baby hippo

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  1. Larry Davis says:

    We have talked about trying to come up with unique fundraisers to save our building. I lived in Columbus, Ohio in the early 90’s and they put on a laser light show on the side of a building and I never forgot the shows. I was playing with the idea of bringing something like your “Holiday Laser Show – C” to Fort Wayne, IN. I think promoting it and getting some backing we could pull off an amazing show. What would a show like what you did for San Antonio, TX run (approximately for 4 shows)? I am thinking for the 2016 Holidays if possible. Let me know your interest and the possibilities. Thanks
    Larry Davis

  2. Yes, that sounds great! I sent you a private email, did you get it?

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