Laser Party

Laser Party

Laser symmetry

Symmetry from the Stage

Laser fifty

Shawn's Fiftieth party!

The Ash’s back yard was ready for some smokin’ lasers – we put a YAG and a Copper Vapor laser on either side of the band stage at the bottom of the hill, creating a perfect “laser amphitheater”.   At 9 PM the Fairlanes took the stage.

Another laser was placed by the fountain on the patio, to shoot laser graphics on the big flat wall!

Lasers Oak Tree

Lasers Through Texas Oak Tree

I really liked the huge oak tree on the back patio of Shawn’s house – the lasers were constantly dancing around in all of the leaves and branches, creating a sparkly wonderland.

Click on the image to see it big!

After the Fairlanes finished their set, the Ash Brothers Band took the stage:

Tim and Shawn w/lasers

Laserist and Party Boy!

Laser Ash Brothers Band

Lasers w/Ash Brothers Band

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